Walk Away – Room for Cream
From the Room for Cream CD

Sunny – Soulio
From the Soulio CD

Soulio – Gibraltar
From the Soulio CD

Tempation (plunger trombone solo)
With the Gina Knight Orchestra

Blue Monk (straight-ahead jazz/blues trombone solo)
With the Gina Knight Orchestra

Mo Bene (rock trombone solo)
With Little Hercules
The Diz (Latin trombone solo)
From Liquid Soul’s Grammy-nominated CD “Here’s the Deal”

Cabbage Roll (trombone solo)
From Liquid Soul’s CD “Make Some Noise”

I Dream of Jeannie (trombone section parts)
From the Play Mechanix “I Dream of Jeannie” video slot machine
International Gaming Technology Inc.

… and the Lottery Ads!

Showtime still feels an odd mixture of pride and embarrassment when he listens back to these radio commercials, which aired throughout the state of Illinois in the year 2000.

Loud Numbers! Big Numbers! Strong Numbers!

Mystery Celebrity Trombonist Version!